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Investment Associate 

D'Ieteren Auto | Brussels

What if drive and ambition where more important than a multitude of degrees? What if we hired people to achieve their dreams, not only ours? What would you think if we said that our capital is not money but our human capital?


A newly created and agile team of 4 members led by the D’Ieteren Mobility Director.
The D’Ieteren Mobility (DM) investment associate will – together with the rest of the team – help D’Ieteren to:
• Better understand, anticipate and benefit from the upcoming disruption in the mobility sector
o These changes are short- to mid-term changes such as shared or electric cars as well as longer-term such as autonomous vehicles. DM will initially focus on short- to mid-term changes
• Accelerate and improve the delivery of our innovation through means of e.g. commercial & academic partnerships, capital investments, or ‘start from scratch initiative’
More specifically, the DM investment associate will be involved in:
• The launch (design & delivery) of new innovative projects in Belgium (eg. car-sharing)
• M&A activities (e.g. due-diligences for some start-ups)
• The set-up of commercial partnerships with new innovative or large incumbent players

Skills/know-how needed:
• Native NL and EN and/or FR
• Structured approach to problem solving
• Ability to manage both design (concept thinking, etc) and delivery work (implementation, project management, etc)
• Ability to work autonomously in a non-vertical and agile structure
• Passion for entrepreneurship
• Some know-how in IT (the investment associate will not spend time coding IT software, but he/she should ideally have some know-how in this area as this might be required in some projects. He/She should typically be comfortable discussing and challenging IT solution providers)
Typical study and professional background needed:
• Master Degree in engineering or business
• 2,5 to 4 years work experience in consulting (management and/or IT consulting) or similar function in corporate environment (e.g. business development, strategic innovation, etc)
• Some form of ‘entrepreneurship experience’ besides ‘day job’ is a nice-to-have

Possibilities to develope your expertise in "fun mode" and  inquire the mobility market with high level professional mentorship !


Contact:  http://www.jobat.be/nl/jobdetail/jobsolicitation.aspx?jobid=1085795&utm_source=taxworld&utm_medium=jobs&utm_campaign=partner

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